White Line Daydreams

White Line Nightmare is currently a bunch of half-finished parts scattered around a chassis in a dingy garage, like in one of those automotive survival video games. I briefly went into what WLN's about in an earlier post - this is more of a status report to keep me accountable.

Checklist NPCs

Often when I'm running a game, I focus on antagonist NPCs, characters who force me to think about what they're doing and how the player characters can react to their activities. It is rare when an allied NPC gets spotlight time, which brings me to this idea of "checklist NPCs". The NPC is associated with a checklist of prompts or events that best represent their purpose in the game. A player can check an item off the list to bring that event into play.

Don’t Go Breaking My Heart

The OGL wildfires have inspired me to get back to game design. I've thought about this unformed game a lot (four years if you count that first blog post), and worked on it very little. I'm writing about it now to put it out into the world, to add that weight of accountability.

A Fiasco Playset 65 Million Years in the Making

I made a Fiasco playset for the July Sixth Park Dinojam over at itch.io. Spared No Expense brings lofty ambitions and poor impulse control to an all-inclusive theme park and resort, where their aging robosaur attractions have been replaced with all-new real life dinoclones! Find your way to the one-of-a-kind Mesozoic Valley Resort and Casino, … Continue reading A Fiasco Playset 65 Million Years in the Making