Where is Insomniacs?

When I was working on my last game, Glow in the Dark, I ran into this late-game slump where I'd foolishly formatted the text in my draft and now had to redo all the graphic design work. I'm proud to say that apparently that was a learning experience, because I've moved the Insomniacs text over from my google doc into Affinity Publisher way earlier than I did for Glow.

Insomniacs Flight Crew Delta, Session 4

I knew this was going to be a good session when one of the players signed into the hangout from a darkened car only to say they'd be back in 45 minutes. The rest of us got down to the business of reconciling the disparate timelines from the last two sessions on TRAPPIST-1e. This is Insomniacs, my cryoship road trip game.