Where is Insomniacs?

It’s in layout!

When I was working on my last game, Glow in the Dark, I ran into this late-game slump where I’d foolishly formatted the text in my draft and now had to redo all the graphic design work. I’m proud to say that apparently that was a learning experience, because I’ve moved the Insomniacs text over from my google doc into Affinity Publisher way earlier than I did for Glow.

Affinity Publisher is still in beta. It could be another “learning experience”.

As for the game itself, I’m still running my playtest campaign, which is really just a real campaign where sometimes the rules change from session to session (but less than when I started!). We’re at the point where I’m out of canned artisanal away missions and need to start putting my random tables through their paces.

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