Star Wars With Cortex Prime, Episode I

Two and a half years ago I wrote a series of posts about adapting Cortex Prime for Star Wars. I've had some sessions and learned some lessons since then, not just about StarCortexPrimeWars but also about what parts of the expansive Cortex toolkit work best for me. As usual, preferences vary, I'm not your dad, do what you like. Let's go.

Do I Got a Hot Take on WEG Star Wars For You

West End Games' D6 Star Wars game was a constant companion through my college years. Despite experimenting with Werewolf: the Splatbooking and Shadowrun, my heart belonged to Star Wars and the bewildering amount of sourcebooks detailing people and places only loosely tied to the events of the films. To my knowledge, nobody made a sourcebook … Continue reading Do I Got a Hot Take on WEG Star Wars For You