The Porg Chop Express

This week my online group finished our Scum & Villainy campaign set (more or less) in the Star Wars universe. The crew of the Porg Chop Express, having stolen the Outrider out from under Dash Rendar (more like Douche Rendar am I right), proceeded to rob Prince Xizor’s sanctum during his extravagantly expensive and outrageously tasteless Life Day gala on Coruscant.

My campaign became increasingly influenced by the System Mastery podcast’s Expounded Universe takedown of Shadows of the Empire, but that’s not entirely why we needed to end the game.

Just Walk Away

Lord Humungus knows when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em.

I’ve run a lot of Blades in the Dark games and I’ve found a pretty good litmus test for determining when it’s time to wrap things up.

When the characters are routinely rolling 4+ dice for resistance rolls, it’s hard to make any consequences stick. There are some grittier methods of handling resistance in the Blades rules, but I feel you run the risk of early play being excessively punishing. Instead, I’d embrace the end and work towards that One Last Score, knowing that more often than not the crew is going to come off like Leverage rather than Fiasco. Finally, if that hypercompetence is a feature for you and not a bug, more power to you! Reliable resistance rolls engender a feeling of power more than having a bucket of dice for the action roll.

These Puns are Hard-Working and Will Serve You Well

Beauford T. Zuckuss

Casey Fucking Dewback

The Meth Star

The Dengar Zone

“What did Zuckuss bring to the potluck?” -“4-LOM chili.”

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