Star Wars with Cortex Prime, Episode VI

Last time I went through my thought process for how I’d model the Force with Cortex Prime. We’ll wrap that up here.


I’m using Fear and Anger stress for this build, which interact with how you use the Force. Both of these funnel into only a single type of trauma, Hate. Otherwise, you’ve got a relationship die for the Force and skills and distinctions and normal Cortex stuff.

Use the Force

Spend 1PP to include your Force relationship die in your pool. Everyone has this.

Strong in the Force

You may include your Force relationship die in your pool at no cost.

Fear Leads to Anger

Step up your Fear or Anger stress to add it to your own dice pool for the duration of a test or contest rather than your opponent.

Hate Leads to Suffering

Step up your Hate trauma to step up and double your Force die for the duration of a test or contest.

Size Matters Not

Spend 1PP to step up your Force die for the duration of a test or contest.


These are just one way of representing common Force stunts. You might develop your own mechanics that you like better.

Lifting an X-Wing

Lifting a heavy thing with the Force is hard. You have to believe that it’s possible. You roll a test against a high difficulty. If moving the object is a means to an end, like smashing a bunch of stormtroopers with a parked spaceship, use this difficulty as a guideline for a created asset should the roll be successful. If the object doesn’t have that much mechanical significance, you can spend 1PP to lift it and get on with your life.

Deflecting Blasters

Someone shoots at you. You roll to block their blaster bolts. If you succeed, you can apply your effect die to your opponent as damage, even if they’re far away. If you want to bounce the shot into a different target, you make a test or a contested action against your new target.


Spend 1PP to run, jump, or otherwise get somewhere a normal person couldn’t. If the task isn’t impossible, then your Force die can still help you overcome the normal difficulty for such a task.

Mind Trick

The Jedi Mind Trick is using the Force in concert with Negotiate, Con, or Command to boost your chances of placing an appropriate complication on your target. That’s all it is. The weak-minded (ie, minions) are going to be easy to overcome, while named NPCs are more likely to warrant GM plot points spent in their defense.

Lightning and Choking

Force Lightning and choking people is using the Force to deal harm directly. Flavor complications appropriately. If you roll spoilers, be prepared to step up Fear or Anger stress.

Image result for choke on aspirations

As you can see, we can model the Force without laundry lists of SFX or restrictive powers (although you could certainly write some cool SFX to specialize in certain Force techniques). The Force is your ally during a test or contest that you could attempt normally, such as fighting or leaping or tricking people. If you want to attempt the impossible, just spend a plot point on it and let go.

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