Alien worlds in Insomniacs are rated for viability in five areas (shamelessly yoinked from the excellent Seedship). Atmosphere Gravity Temperature Water Resources Establish a Colony When you establish a new colony, gain 1 Viability for each optimal or abundant feature of the exoplanet (air, water, temperature, gravity, and resources). Add 1 Viability if you cannibalize … Continue reading Exoplanets

What is Insomniacs?

Insomniacs is a cryoship starcrawl game that evokes existential horror and cosmic wonder in equal measure. It's built from a meatloaf of Lasers & Feelings, the third attempt at Unknown Armies, half-eaten PbtA leftovers, and the parts of Cthulhu Dark your kids left out on the table before running to catch the bus.

Escape Pods

This post is to accumulate the random nonsense that's worth saving from my G+ feed. Designer Interviews Two interviews, both by Sean Nittner on his Narrative Control podcast. Both programs are insightful and even seem mutually exclusive at times, but taking only viewpoint here doesn't paint as complete a picture of game design. The first … Continue reading Escape Pods