Alien worlds in Insomniacs are rated for viability in five areas (shamelessly yoinked from the excellent Seedship).






Establish a Colony

When you establish a new colony, gain 1 Viability for each optimal or abundant feature of the exoplanet (air, water, temperature, gravity, and resources). Add 1 Viability if you cannibalize the Somnambulist itself to provide the infrastructure for the nascent colony. Subtract 1 Viability for each extreme exoplanet feature (no atmosphere, burning/frozen, trace water or covered, depleted resources). Subtract 1 Viability if there are less than 1000 colonists. Roll 1d6:

  • If you roll higher than Viability, the colony fails.
  • If you roll equal to or less than Viability, the colony survives and prospers. Humanity endures. You win!

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