White Line Daydreams

White Line Nightmare is currently a bunch of half-finished parts scattered around a chassis in a dingy garage, like in one of those automotive survival video games. I briefly went into what WLN's about in an earlier post - this is more of a status report to keep me accountable.

Don’t Go Breaking My Heart

The OGL wildfires have inspired me to get back to game design. I've thought about this unformed game a lot (four years if you count that first blog post), and worked on it very little. I'm writing about it now to put it out into the world, to add that weight of accountability.


Car chases in TTRPGs continue to be my white whale. I've watched a ton of car chases in movies, real life, and video games, but the problem is you don't often read car chases. It's primarily a visual spectacle, and so the challenge in translating a good chase to a roleplaying game lies in finding where the decision points are.