BANDIT is my second submission to Jason Tocci’s 24XX game jam. It was actually my first idea, but 1) I couldn’t find a good BEEPLE image and 2) the ones I did find first inspired me to make BREACH.

24XX: BANDIT owes debts to a lot of different touchstones (Battlestar Galactica, Homeworld, Top Gun, and House of the Dying Sun to name a few), but the primary challenge was whether I could make dogfighting more than rolling Piloting a bunch. Then the challenge was whether I could make BANDIT about more than pretending to fly a spaceship and going pew pew. Where does your pilot come into it?

YOU ARE A STARFIGHTER. You dance through the void, strapped into a fragile hypervelocity shell capable of glassing moons. Now your colony worlds burn. Your fleets are scattered. The false prophets and traitor kings call you renegade. They hound you through uncharted space while billions of ghosts cry out for vengeance. Let them come. Show them how easily the hunter can become the prey.

Get 24XX: BANDIT at itch.io!

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