The Chromatic Pilgrimage, Part 3

My UVG-inspired D&D 5e campaign has a lot of weird Masters of the Universe-style quasi-future arcanical engineering stuff in it, because that aesthetic helps me keep focused on the kind of Zardozian prog-rock and heavy metal album cover shenanigans I like to see in fantasy gaming. Here’s some loot!

Part 1: Setting Overview

Part 2: Pantheon


Martial weapon. 2d6 radiant damage, range 60/180, two-handed, 20 charges. Spellcasting classes may attune to the weapon. A spellcaster can replace any number of remaining charges in an attuned glassrifle with spell slots. The glassrifle’s wielder (who does not need to be the spellcaster) can unleash the stored spell slot as the lightning bolt spell but with the following changes: 100’ long, 5’ wide bolt. Damage is 1d10 radiant for a 1st level spell slot, plus 1d10 for each additional spell slot level (a 5th level spell would do 5d10). Dex save (DC 8+prof+ranged attack bonus) for half damage.

The glassrifle regains its normal charges if left in the sun for a long rest.


It’s a sawed-off glassrifle. Because it’s an area weapon, doesn’t require proficiency. 3d6 radiant damage, 15’ cone, two-handed, 15 charges. Dex save (DC 8+prof+ranged attack bonus) for half damage. Recharges as glassrifle. A spellcaster with an attuned shattergun can swap charges for stored spell slots as the glassrifle, and with similar damage progression and Dex save. The affected area is a 60’ cone rather than a line, however.


Exotic magical weapon. Requires attunement. A hilt that projects a variable sheet of stuckforce. Expands your critical range by one point. Maximize your damage dice when attacking objects. As a bonus action, you may apply one of the following configurations:

  • 1d4 damage, +4 att/dmg
  • 1d6 damage, +3 att/dmg
  • 1d8 damage, +2 att/dmg
  • 1d10 damage, +1 att/dmg
  • 1d12 damage

You may apply either the finesse or the reach weapon property. You may make a thrown attack with the weapon with a 20/60 range. The tenserknife’s hilt does not leave your grasp. This ability recharges on a 5-6.


The prismatic greataxe. Requires attunement. INT 12, WIS 12, CHA 12, chaotic neutral. +2 att/dmg. Communicates by transmitting emotion. Hearing and darkvision to 120’. Wielder suffers disadvantage on stealth checks or any other task that involves going unnoticed. Any attempt to bypass this detriment (such as covering Chromatus) may negate the penalty but the axe will impose disadvantage on attack rolls on a one-for-one basis.

Chromatus constantly shifts its damage type. It will choose a damage type its target is vulnerable to, then a type the target has no resistances to, then if no other options are available, it will choose a damage type the target resists. You may spend a bonus action to convince Chromatus (opposed CHA test) to shift to a desired damage type. You gain resistance to that damage type while wielding the axe.
Chromatus has 3 charges. You can spend an action to expend a charge. This casts color spray at the wielder’s character level. Chromatus regains 1d3 charges daily at dawn.


A deckard is an arcanical device about the size of a cantaloupe. It runs on life force – usually fresh blood. For each hit die spent, the deckard will identify a magic item, hovering over the desired item while arcane symbols and aberrant lights glow in midair. Each identification takes 1 minute. Hit dice return at their normal rate. Deckards can display their findings in (roll 1d6: 1-3 common, 4-5, gnomish, 6 elvish).

The Orb of Voightkampf

Companion sphere to the deckard, the Orb of Voightkampf can determine the alignment and type (humanoid, aberration, ooze, etc) of any creature or item. When fed with a hit die, it grants advantage on Insight checks for an encounter. Hit dice return at their normal rate.


A squelchy, rather distasteful living weapon. Favored by myconids but can be grown in humid climates above ground as well. The slugthrower mirrors the stats for the heavy crossbow except it deals 1d6 acid damage on a hit, and 1d6 acid damage at the end of the target’s next turn. If the target is adjacent to anyone, they both take 1d6 acid damage on a hit and no ongoing damage. Complexity 3 (3 attack rolls made with disadvantage); this can be bypassed by studying the weapon during a short rest and making a DC 13 Animal Handling check.


Exceedingly rare outside the Red District, where most are lost to the Infradark along with their wielders. This heavy wand flings explosive bolts with a great deal of fire, smoke, and noise. 2d8 piercing damage to target, plus 1d8 force damage to the target and everyone adjacent, range 80/320, 6 charges. Regains charges when you buy more from a gunsmith. Complexity 2 (2 attack rolls made with disadvantage), bypassed by DC 15 Investigation check (takes 10 minutes).

Shane’s Deadly Pyramids

This bag is filled with vantablack tetrahedrons made only of cutting edges. When dumped onto the ground, the pyramids spread to cover 4 adjacent squares and shift their color to blend in with the environment. Any creature entering the square must save vs. DEX (DC15) or roll 1d4. On 1-3, they take 1 piercing damage. On a 4, they take 4 piercing damage plus 1d4 open-ended piercing damage. Their speed is reduced by half until they regain at least 1 hit point. The bag refills at dawn.

Mage Candle

When lit and held in a spellcaster’s hand, this candle can hold concentration for an additional spell. If it is extinguished or dropped, the spell concentration ends. Candles burn for 1 hour and cast bright/dim light in 5/10’.

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