Arting for Copperhead County

I have been hired for my skills of an artist! Jason Eley asked me to draw some playbook and crew items as well as some other random filler for his Forged in the Dark game of crime in the south, Copperhead County.

I’m excited because CC’s a good game. I got to playtest the Blood crew type in a campaign where our characters started down a life of crime to pay off our family patriarch’s medical bills and got seduced by the violence. Well, my character got seduced by the violence at any rate.

Jason’s done a lot of work on the base Blades mechanics. Claims are beefed up and a little more strategic, while the loadouts and abilities feel a bit more fiction-first rather than reskinning what’s familiar from Duskvol. The court system and law enforcement is serious business here, and the factions are chef’s kiss. Your crew can get into anything from vice to drugs to arms to extortion to street racing to politics, all with that particular Southern flavor written by a native.

For my part, I’m mostly just drawing guns like I’m doodling in notebook margins.

The Hazard’s gear
The Wheeler has a good dog 12/10

Check out Copperhead County! Or watch the (earlier edition) game I streamed on Once Upon a Game!

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