What’s On This Corpse?

1A folded packet of dried wildflowers
2Non-standard jerky (1 ration)
3A half-full canteen (mind the backwash)
4Poorly-whittled wooden figure
5Sewing kit
6Marbles in a leather bag
7Tattered playing cards
8A shard of the Emerald City. History or Arcana to spot it as a fake
9Rusty nails in a pristine can
10Pristine nails in a rusty can
11Carpentry tools
13Ring of assorted keys
14Coil of rope
15Spent potion injector
16Coins of an unknown currency (roll; worth 10% value after fencing)
17Parchment and charcoal for sketching
18Expertly-carved wooden figure with oversized head on a spring
19Spare clothes appropriate to the climate
20Picture book

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