March is Just Scumbag February

Seriously, though. You know what you’re getting into with February, but March? March is a liar. You need shorts and your winter coat close at hand. Anyways, here’s what I’ve been up to during Scumbag Month:

A 24XX Bandit campaign

I’m running my 24XX Bandit game online. I think we’re five missions in and I’ve been taking notes on expanding the game for an eventual “Super Bandit” edition. The original pamphlet game is purposely vague with regards to worldbuilding, but we’ve named most of the things in our specific campaign at this point. The original 2400 bundle is full of goodness, plus there’s countless other games based on the 24XX SRD out there. It’s a good pick for a one-shot or a night when you’re caught off guard and need a game quick.

Trying Out the Savage Worlds Super Powers Companion

My local group is trying this out for a “Fusionverse” cosmic campaign inspired by the Amalgam comics from the 90s where one Marvel and one DC character get mashed up. I decided to run a street-level one-shot so we could iron out the kinks before my friend runs the big campaign. This edition or variant of Savage Worlds feels the most “grown up” so far – there’s a fair bit of complexity to supers creation but it never reaches Mutants & Masterminds levels, not to mention Champions. In play, exploding dice still matter more than your character build but it’s good tactical supers fun.

The One Ring 2e Online

This is my first experience with TOR. I’m playing this one online, and playing a hobbit is going to get me as Tolkien as possible.

Fallout 2d20, Also Online

Modiphius picked their license well. The benefit of a TTRPG based on a CRPG is that there’s very little suspension of disbelief needed. Plus, playing on roll20 means it’s possible to bring in a lot of visual aids and little tweaks to really capture that Fallout feel. We’re playing mutants, ghouls, and robots in Texas (because you play humans enough in the Fallout video games).

My First Gauntlet Open Gaming / Star Wars Saturdays

I was lucky to get into Rich Rogers’ Star Wars Swoop Gangs event he was running for the Gauntlet. Rich is a kindred spirit in both Star Wars fandom as well as bending games to purposes they were never designed for and I had a blast.

Making Terrain

The bulk of my free time was probably spent making diorama/gaming terrain boards out of 2×2 sheets of XPS insulation foam. I don’t know what to say, I got the arts & crafts bug. I combined knowledge from a ton of youtube channels who luckily have done this stuff before and put their lessons online:

I got two boards finished for the Savage Worlds game mentioned above; a quarry (or perhaps a dwarven mine or alien crater) and a construction site (or a ruined temple). I learned a lot, made a few mistakes, learned some more, and I think going forward I’ll cut up my remaining sheets and make some 1×1 boards so I have more variety in layout.

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