A Fiasco Playset 65 Million Years in the Making

I made a Fiasco playset for the July Sixth Park Dinojam over at itch.io. Spared No Expense brings lofty ambitions and poor impulse control to an all-inclusive theme park and resort, where their aging robosaur attractions have been replaced with all-new real life dinoclones!

Find your way to the one-of-a-kind Mesozoic Valley Resort and Casino, where you’ll have the time of your life in the land before time! This year we’re pleased to bring you living, breathing dinosaurs, born and raised in our island paradise’s onsite research facility. Take a thrilling self-guided tour through our wildlife refuge, then kick back at our all-inclusive resort and spa before hitting the tables. Your kids will love our dinosaur petting zoo!

Jeff Goldblum would want you to click here to visit the game’s itch.io page.

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