Hero Forge and Shapeways, Part II

In Part I, we looked at three miniatures in three different materials. I’ve primed all of them with white matte spray paint and wanted to get this brief post up, since Part III (what it’s like to paint them) is going to be contingent on me having time to paint.

The elf decker and cowboy, in Fine Detail plastic from Shapeways and Premium plastic from Hero Forge respectively, came out great. I’ve used both these materials before. The big difference is that I’ll have to be gentle with the elf decker. Fine Detail is brittle.

I’m kind of disappointed with the GTA-hole, seen here in Shapeways’ Professional plastic. He’s just kind of… gritty, and not in the good hard-boiled grimdark way.

Why is this even a problem? Sometimes I’ll modify .stl files I make with Hero Forge with Blender, then get them printed from Shapeways directly. I also sometimes model and print original things, although I admit less now than before I was a dad. I suppose this experiment shows that I’ll be ordering things in Fine Detail plastic in the future and I’ll just have to be really careful with them. Either that or do some research on other services with access to that sweet, sweet acrylate.

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