The Final Countdown

Insomniacs has been part of my game design thoughts since May 2017. It’s come a long way and I’ve struggled with a lot of existential crises about what this roleplaying game should actually be. It’s laid out and I’m in the final art push.

I’m going to offer Insomniacs in pdf on drivethrurpg and, and if I can bend Affinity Publisher to my will, in print-on-demand as well. I’ve tried to create a game for telling stories about exploring the universe as well as your character. There’s immense tragedy baked into the setting, but it’s all balanced against the hope of finding a new home.

It’s ironic that I’m almost finished this rpg about isolation in space now, in 2020, months into lockdown. The art has definitely taken a turn towards sad feels in space, even though during playtests my groups always kept a sense of dark humor. I call these my “Airlock Trilogy”.

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