Insomniacs, a Cryoship Road Trip

Insomniacs is out! The journey through its design has ironically mirrored an Insomniacs campaign – an incredibly long odyssey punctuated by false hope, mistakes, research projects, and self-discovery.

What Is Insomniacs?

Insomniacs is a cryoship starcrawl game that evokes existential horror and cosmic wonder in equal measure. It takes a general approach similar to many PbtA designs, finds inspiration in Forged in the Dark, and owes a heavy debt to Fate.

You’ll make crewmembers of the Somnambulist, a slower-than-light colony ship leaving a doomed Earth. You’ll survey exoplanets for viability, encounter strange anomalies, and roleplay the fear, awe, and even drudgery that happens along the way.

Unlike my previous effort Glow in the Dark (which requires Blades in the Dark to play), Insomniacs is a complete tabletop roleplaying game. It even features character sheets in the book!

Why Is Insomniacs?

Insomniacs is a sci-fi game I needed to make for myself, but I wanted to share with others. It’s a game about losing what you thought was important, and maybe finding awesome things far away. It’s about determination and finding a reason to keep going. It’s also about trying to fix coolant leaks before everyone dies and figuring out how to talk to a swarm of sapient alien grass.

The wonder is out there already. We bring the horror with us.

Where Is Insomniacs?

Insomniacs is available for download on my store, or you can get it in print and/or PDF on!

Click this meme homage to get Insomniacs!

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