Destroying the World

The Earth in doomed in Insomniacs, but how it’s doomed is up to you and your group. The Kurzgesagt youtube channel continues to be an invaluable source of information on existential threats, mass extinctions, and productive nihilism. Here are a few choice options that either made it into Insomniacs more or less directly, or were inspirations for some of the doomsday scenarios or exoplanets.


This video is only a few days old, but it breaks down what the fate of Earth might be like after some of the more astronomical doomsday scenarios that remove the Sun or the Earth from the solar system.

Rogue Planets

There’s a rogue planet to explore in the game, and it’s because of this video.


Strangelets are weird AF and I had to put them into the game as a Sun-killer.

Notorious GRB

I thought for a long time that a gamma ray burst would just be an astronomical headshot and as such would be too apocalyptic to allow for any sort of escape. And… they kind of still are, but the idea of a mad rush to build and launch the Somnambulist as our sun cooks what the GRB missed makes a good explanation for any sort of random mishaps or strange choices for flight crew later.

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